The main raw material for the products of the Vihamark Hong Hai is the plant, leaves, fresh fruit, which is just one category of countless agricultural products. In view of the overall development of agriculture, it is important to recognize the size of Vietnamese agriculture from a global perspective. The latest data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (2017) shows that Vietnam ranks 19th in the world in terms of total agricultural output, just behind Spain’s 18th and Iraq’s 20th. Vietnamese agricultural products are exported to 180 countries and territories. So agriculture, agricultural products including the refined, pressed juice have a significant volume of consumption value not only in Vietnam but also in the world.


Map: The percentage of agricultural land use worldwide. Source: World Bank. (WB)


Modern agriculture has gone beyond traditional farming, which was based on rudimentary tools and human power. Specifically, modern agriculture means mechanization and biochemistry in agriculture. The reforms on specialized zoning, merged farming in the agricultural sector in Vietnam now allow the development of large areas of intensive farming for mechanization. The term “orchard” today is no longer understood as a few perches behind the roof of a household. These are the massive fields of cultivation of Longan, Lyches, Dragin Fruit, Aloe- Vera. These are mountainous areas with sweetsops, apples, oranges, grapes, and many other fruits.


Photo: Orange orchard in Hoa Binh province. Source: Cao Phong Plantation.


The above mentioned characteristics of agricultural development are the favorable conditions to ensure a stable source of reliable and steady raw materials for agricultural processing enterprises. The processing industry for agricultural produce such as Vihamark Hai Hong, having to invest a great deal in a large plant, can not stand the shortage of raw materials and we want to ensure the customer of the reasonable price level of the product. It also reduces the cost of collecting and transporting of raw materials.


So, in agriculture, we have to apply science and technology in agricultural production and to invest in industrial equipment in service of agriculture, all of which create a more uniform and safer product. Typically, it is to count on the irrigation systems including a wide range of equipment and applications that are synchronized: sensor devices, moisture meters, wind gauges, soil quality test kits, water quality test kits .


Map: The rate of land use for annual crops in Vietnam.

Source: World Bank (WB)

The darker blue areas are forest land. Geographically speaking, Vietnam is divided into 3 regions stretching from north to south. All three regions of the North, Central , South have mountains, hills, plains and wetlands, and are three agricultural produce, either this type or the other type. The fruit resources are abundant, inspiring the more development of fresh fruit drinks in the future.


Together with the common agricultural development is the development of biochemistry. Progress in this area has brought new varieties of high yield, weather and pests resistance to many GMF foods. However, Hai Hong Vihamark does not use this type of GMF in its products. Because we think that gifts from nature are the most valuable for health.


The world is flourishing in all aspects of life, and consumers are accessing correct information more precisely. Many new programs and movements are underway, such as the One Health Program, which is trying to connect, sequencing seedlings, fertilizing, animal feeds, processing, transportation, storage, and used before the end of a regular food or drink cycle. Control of sanitary infections is performed in each process. Vihamark Hai Hong is aware of that and has invested in its quality control laboratory and food safety. Vihamark Hai Hong is developing in Vietnam with its role in processing beverages from ingredients of safe agricultural products, in order to bring to the customers the same taste and natural qualities of fruits.



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