Corporate social responsibility is seen as one of the company’s top business strategies rather than mandatory regulations or charity.

Good corporate social responsibility helps businesses to do its business better, and moreover helps businesses deal with strategic issues related to business and social issues. This is also considered as the core value of VihaMark Hai Hong.


Corporate social responsibility has recently been adopted by many businesses as a strategy for creating public image, along with social welfare and environmental protection. Specifically, corporate social responsibility is reflected in the following areas of activity: (i) environmental protection; (ii) contribution to the community; (iii) responsive to the supplier; (iv) ensuring safety and benefits for consumers; (v) good relations with employees; (vi) ensuring the interests of shareholders and employees within their own enterprise.


Accordingly, the business strengthens trust with customers, creates internal bondage and it can attracts highly skilled workers. Corporate social responsibility is seen as a leading business strategy rather than a mandatory regulation or charity.

Photo: Representatives of VihaMark Hai Hong Co., Ltd.,

the Red Cross and local authority of Binh Dinh Province gave gifts to the affected households in the flood season 2017.

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To run an efficient business, it is first of all to ensure that its activities do not cause any harm to the ecological environment, which means that the company must demonstrate its environmental friendliness in the production process.

Commitment to product quality is the honesty in promoting products as well as in ensuring the safety for users. The trust of consumers and the community in many cases is built through corporate social responsibility. Business history shows that many businesses have overcome the threat of bankruptcy thanks to the community and the consumers who had shared the risk. In the context of globalization and international integration, the compliance with corporate social responsibility in the long run also helps businesses to reach the world market.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary self-awareness of responsibility in production and business, so that both benefits for the enterprise and for the society are ensured to serve the sustainable development for socio-economic purposes, and environmental protection. That is to comply with the standards of environmental protection, to ensure the labor safety and the legitimate interests of workers.

Photo: VihaMark Trademark together with IYF organization, acts towards the young generation of intellectual and moral properties.

Source: Vihamark


In business, the purpose of the business is to target consumers using their products rather than the middleman. There are as many people using the product of the business in society, there are such many consumers for whom the business must be responsible. This is the greatest responsibility because it involves the whole community.


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