Binh Dinh province, the most severely damaged province after many long-lasting floods in 2016 needed relief. “A stitch in time saves nine”, Hai Hong Limited Company (Vihamark) joined hands with the whole country. The Board of Directors and all staff launched and organized a charity program, namely “CHARITY JOURNEY – AFFECTIONATE CENTRAL REGION BOUND” which directly brought essential commodities to Binh Dinh people.

Photo: The road that links the two communes was submerged under torrential flow.


The severe floods in the last months of 2016 in central Vietnam were described as the most intense and tenacious. Heavy rains with floods from the collapse of by-pass channel of Song Bung hydropower on 13/9/2016 flooded villages located in the downstream area of Nam Giang district, Quang Nam. Binh Dinh also suffered from the damage. In just a month after that breakdown, mid-October 2016 a pouring rain with water discharge from the reservoir almost engulfed the whole Central region under water. Having just regained the accomodation, in December-2016, another torrential rain lasted seven consecutive days causing more material damage, plus the loss of people, with dozens of dead, many other people were injured, and Binh Dinh again suffered the hit. The bare-handed people in flooded areas of the province were almost ripped off their properties. The Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee, Ho Quoc Dung said: “For the first time ever we suffered such horrible floods. There are still 70 communes that are isolated, thousands of people have not yet returned home, all of the road system is submerged, water leaked out of 14 reservoirs flow through the body of the dams which threatens the dam failure. At least 31 people were killed, 16 were injured and tens of thousands of houses are soaked with flood and/or collapsed”. Mr. Dung added that the province had spent a lot of money to overcome the consequences.


(Photos show the devastation in the storm center)



(Photos show the devastation in the storm center)


With empathy to the people in the central provinces and especially in Binh Dinh struggling themselves to overcome severe consequences, Hai Hong Limited Company (Vihamark) understood that more or less a support will be a source of pro-active encouragement. The charity program “CHARITY JOURNEY – AFFECTIONATE CENTRAL REGION BOUND” is immediately planned and performed in very fast response.


(Photo: Red Cross officials and commune authority and Vihamark Hai Hong Co., Ltd

together deliver the essential commodities to the flood victims.)

Photo: Relief vehicles of Hai Hong Co., Ltd. at the Commune Committee and many storm affected people





With the spirit of mutual affection, “a handful piece of food in hunger is worth of a basket of food when we are full”, a traditional virtue of the Vietnamese people, it is to help people who are in trouble, just like the saying “Oh gourd, you should love the pumpkin, though of different species, you share the same trellis” with literary meaning that people should love people in need, the program has received enthusiastic support both in material and spirit of the management and employees of Hai Hong Company. After 3 days, representatives of the company transported 2,000 kg of rice, 200 bottles of cooking oil, 200 boxes of cakes and 200 cans of fresh water immediately to Central Vietnam and arrived in the province on January 4, 2017 to visit, encourage the local people who were trying to overcome the consequences after the flood and to welcome the Lunar New Year (Tet).


Photo: Company leaders and  Red Cross officials make a speech and donate relief supplies to affected families after the storm.


Photo: Cheerful people smile, they are less worried,

recovered from the historical storm while the lunar New Year festival is approaching



Some photos of Hai Hong Vihamark Co., Ltd and Binh Dinh Red Cross Society on the journey of charity “Affectionate Central Region Bound”




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