VihaMark Hai Hong Co., Ltd was established in 2001. One year after ascertaining its legal entity, the company built the first factory in Hoai Duc district, Hanoi in 2002. It was a fabrication plant for produces of foreign partners. This is an important learning phase during the company’s long-term development. Modern advanced production line is imported and installed in its completeness. Technical procedures and production management in accordance with international standards are immediately applied with cutting-edge equipment. The workforce was professionally and practically trained to operate the whole system.


The first batch of produce was sold out immediately bringing good luck to the company. Reality reflects the correct strategy of the Company when it comes to serving the Fast Moving Customer Goods (FMCG) market.

Due to the qualities of the product and the characteristics of consumption: (a) short life product, (b) high rate of frequent purchase, the company attaches great importance to its distribution network. The distribution network gradually grows over the years, expanding from the North to the South. The distribution process is consolidated. In 2005, the Company accomplished the distribution network in the North. Three years later, in 2008 it accomplished distribution network in the Central region and 4 years later, in 2012 a complete distribution network was accomplished in the South. The quality assurance and customer relationship management center is located in the Central of Vietnam to facilitate the timely regular control in the North and the South. Thus, as a manufacturer, the company delivers the product to end users through its retail sale systems.


By now, the Hai Hong Company Limited can declare :

“Vihamark is proud to be a Vietnamese brand, asserting its name with the heart of the founders, the quality of products and the trust of consumers.”

Equipped with advanced production equipment



Strict production process, ensuring food hygiene and safety


“Over the past 18 years of establishment and development, Vihamark has been more intimate to every home with safe and healthy nourishing produces. We restlessly make investments into researches to develop new products, and state-of- art technology production line, which ensures the sustainable values for each of Vietnamese family.”



Constantly researching and developing new products



– Name: Hai Hong Company Limited (Hai Hong Co., Ltd)

– Address: Industrial Zone Tiền Phong – Dương Liễu – Hoài Đức district – Hà Nội

– Land size: 30.000m2 ;

– Total investment VND 300 billion.

– Capacity 100 million barrels/year.

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