The company’s products are bottled and tinned beverage, convenient for customers who prefer fast moving consumption products. There are three main product lines:


  1. EPI 100 Juicy Fruit Drink: Vihamark’s Fruit Juice line asserts its excellent qualities with FPI 100. Since its launching in the market five years ago, FPI 100 has attracted consumers by the charm of nature.

    Main product of FPI100


  2. Lemos 24-Hour Fruit Flavor Line: To meet the growing demand of smart customers in the 4.0 Industry era, soft drinks are also an important functional food supplement along with the formular foods in tablet and other powder form, VihaMark is proud to launch the product line of healthy drinks Lemos 24h. The new product is the result of accumulated experience through years of performance, and an excellent team of national and international experts. The selling point of this product line is fresh raw materials, directly extracted from natural fruits without the use of compounds, to ensure natural nourishment.

    Main product of Lemos24h


  3. Energy Drink: This is a long-standing product line with a reputable foreign trademark. VihaMark Hai Hong acknowledges the trust of our foreign partner who chose us as their business partner.


Energy Drink Surachai


The quality of all the products of  Vihamark Hai Hong has been confirmed in terms of nutrition and hygiene through several inspections by reputable organizations with granted titles and certificates of merit:

– Vietnamese High Quality Goods

– Standard Conformity

– Vietnam Trade Mark Award in the integration of World Trade Organization

– Vietnamese Food Award for Vietnamese Health.


VihɑMɑrk supplies products to markets such as Ɗubɑi, Cɑmbodia, Mɑlɑisia, Laos and China ….


We want to bring the highest quality products to all customers with reasonable prices and beautiful designs.




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