The Spring “Mau Tuat” (the Lunar Year of Wooden Dog entering the Mountain) is surely coming to the country with the surging joy of 90 million Vietnamese people when the U23 football team has reached the Asian continent level. Businesses are looking for growth opportunities in the upbeat mood. Firstly, the message of the Government at the beginning of the year is very clearly stated that private economic development is the focus, taking it as a driving force for economic development, as noticeably expressed in the Resolutions. Secondly, and indirectly, businesses are facilitated by and enabling environment; with less procedures, reduced costs, favorable and easier business conditions. Other opportunities also appear. All the data and signs show that the business environment and development opportunities in 2018 will be much better than that in 2017 because the government policies are coming into being.

Photo: Vietnam U23 Team won the Runners-up in AFC 2018 Championship


Vihamark Hai Hong Company is very aware of the opportunity, and also understands that when the business environment is more favorable, it also increases the competitive pressure. New quality products and new models have been researched and put into production from 2017, so that during the Spring 2018 we can welcome our customers on the way back home for Tet with their family. Products of Vihamark Hai Hong Company always go with customers everywhere, and one of them is Lemos 24h Drinks. Lemos 24h Fresh Apple with apple juice, Lemos 24h Winter Melon of 100% real squash. With the excellent quality, the product passed technical inspection to reach the vast market of neighboring countries. In 2018 Vihamark Hai Hong officially exports its products to Chinese market. This is a market that has many similarities with the traditional market of the company, but it promises large and fast consumption.




Photo: Lemos 24 Táo (lon cao) 330 ml
                 Photo: Lemos 24 Apple 330 ml



A promotional program is also being prepared for the Tet holidays. That is the program of introducing Lemos 24h new products to consumers. With all the great features and quality of production we expect consumers to feel. Customers are invited to drink this beverage. Buyers will draw lots and prizes will bring lucky spring winners. Many prizes have been prepared including 100% prizes when buying any whirlwind. We invite customers to attend. We will detail the time and place on:


Photo: Lemos 24 Nha đam - đóng chai 345 ml
             Photo: Lemos 24 Aloe Vera – bottle 345 ml

Aloe vera has the same properties as gastrointestinal enzymes. Its anti-viral properties help boost the body’s immune system, fight aging with the benefits of rejuvenated skin.




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