In business the purpose of the business is to target consumers using their products rather than the middleman. There are as many people using the product of the business in society there are such many consumers for whom the business must be responsible. This is the greatest responsibility because it involves the whole community.

A typical demonstration of the voluntary social responsibility of Vihamark Hai Hong was performed  in late 2016, beginning of 2017. The situation in Binh Dinh province had been so worsened due to natural disasters that local authorities had to call on the central government support. Newspapers coverage at that time described the dreadful damage that Binh Dinh suffered.


Binh Dinh pushed “backward to 10 years ago”

After 5 consecutive floods, the infrastructure of Binh Dinh was destroyed, pushed backward to “10 years ago” status. This is the opinion of the Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee, reflecting the seriousness and severity of natural disasters. “If the government supports several hundred billion VND, it will not change much. In addition, 50,000 pupils of the province are facing dropout because all their books have been washed out and no tuition fee is available to cover the cost”. The  Chairman of Binh Dinh People’s Committee proposed an ODA package for reconstruction, rehabilitation of infrastructure for Binh Dinh.

Disaster relief work is often the responsibility of the government and the Red Cross. However, to help deal with such a serious situation, the Board of Directors of Vihamark Hai Hong immediately decided to implement the second item as listed in corporate social responsibility. (ii) Contribution to the social community. The budget was promptly approved, essential goods procured, transportation vehicles and manpower were prepared. The relief team was formed and made its way to Binh Dinh.



Cat Khanh commune has an area of 31.34 km2 with 13,800 population, density 398 people / km² . There are 7 villages in the commune: An Nhue, An Quang Dong, An Quang Tay, Chanh Loi, Ngai An, Phu Dong, Phu Long. The two villages of An Quang Dong and An Quang Tay were formerly called De Gi


Hai Hong relief team reached Cat Khanh commune, Phu Cat district to meet 100 households here. Crops, livestock and assets of the households here almost disappeared into thin air after the disaster.



Photo: Vihamark Hai Hong Company Limited presents relief gifts to flood affected households


Photo: Vihamark Hai Hong Company Limited presents relief gifts to flood affected households



Mr. Phong – Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh Red Cross, on behalf of the stricken families expressed gratitude to leaders and employees of Hai Hong with a timely visit to the people during the flood aftermath. Mr. Nguyen Van Binh, head of the relief mission team spoke about the trip:

“Through the media, we know that Binh Dinh is one of the localities heavily affected by the recent floods. In order to share the burden with the people here, the leaders and staffs of Hai Hong Company joined hands to support with 200 portions of relief gifts in two communes: Cat Khanh today and Phuoc Thang yesterday to help the people stand up and rise after the disaster.”


Photo: Vihamark Hai Hong Co., Ltd and Binh Dinh Red Cross representative in their speeches


Although the total value when converted into money is not much or even small compared with the needs of the local people in the province, but the food that the relief team on behalf of the leadership and employees of Hai Hong Company Ltd. has been a significant source of encouragement for people who had been shattered by the disaster. Today Vihamark may have made its  name in the mind of a boy and a girl who will join the Vihamark company team into the health care business in 10 years 20 years’ time.

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