Vision Beyond 2025

“VihaMark brings safe products of nutritional supplements from natural materials to every home.”

By 2025, Hai Hong VihaMark becomes a well-known manufacturer, processor and distributor of beverages in the country and the export market, with a wide range of products in compliance with food hygiene and safety standards.

It is to make use of the capital resources, technologies and experiences from all economic sectors in the form of cooperation, joint ventures and cooperation in order to develop and build a complete product chain, from raw materials accquisition to processing in order to supply safe drinks of high quality so that a geographic indication is granted to our trademark.


  • It is VihaMark’s mission to create beverage produces to ensure safe, delicious, nourishing and convenient values to every home.
  • VihaMark Hai Hong creates sustainable values for its customers by ensuring the reasonable profit rate and bringing satisfaction to customers.
  • We facilitate the favorable background for nurturing the development of employees who are dynamic, creative, devoted and professional.
  • To make a contribution into community development and support, we devote heart and mind to social responsibility and community benefit driven programs.

Message: Statement
In our self-manifestation amidst sustainable development, for the community benefits, the slogan “Enjoy the taste of Nature” is the message, the statement of our commitment to ensure the quality of each produce of VihaMark  Hai Hong, to bring health and joy to the community, contributing to the development of Vietnamese beverage industry, going further in global integration.



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